Unknown lights recorded over Fresno in California 20-Nov-2012

unknown lights
This night time video of strange UFO flying in the sky above Fresno in California was recorded on 20th November 2012 at 8:20 pm.
Witness report: strange red blinking light and green light ! craft was heading north west from south east. about 5 thousand feet , appeared to have no sound. camera sony trv-103 about 20 times zoom. clear calm night
Author (UfosAreRealFresno @ youtube)

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  1. how can anyone in there right mind say this is fake lmao !! its real and it looks very good. thank you for posting this great shot !!

  2. I have seen a solid red UFO it went over the National Guard and Airport then took off was under the radar for awhile.When I first saw it going south but it wasn't blinking either.Was yellow,blue and green then went a solid red and went south towards mountains here in Fresno no noise but never did blink.

  3. yes this is def real!! very wierd i see things like this in my skys in bakersfield ca too alot lately wierd!! and its always the skys facing north towards fresno

  4. am i missing something here?? it looks like airplane lights! fresno has a very busy airport. the lights are blinking to standardized ffa strobe requirements.

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