VIDEO: Daytime filmed over Brooklyn, New York 17-Nov-2012

UFO sightingLatest UFO sightings – New daytime video of a bright unidentified flying object hovering in the above Brooklyn, NY. This was taken on Saturday, 17th November 2012 at 3 pm.
Witness report: My wife and I saw two bright dots before this one that passed each other, then this appeared. I filmed it out my window without a tripod and my friend helped edit it by cropping and zooming. I see alot of normal air traffic and this is rare. I have seen many UFOs in my time but this is the first Ive managed to successfully film. The UFO passing over my building thus leaving my view, synched perfectly with the camera running out of memory! lol Enjoy
Author (oneasone @ youtube)

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  1. It&#39;s as phony as both of your feigned attempts at being exited. And aren&#39;t they a very cooperative bunch of little green men the way they kept coming back into frame for you without you even moving your camera or having to zoom out to relocate. <br /><br />And so it goes, two more wannabe somebody Amerikan losers get their 5:08 minutes of fame. Do you two realize that there are some of

  2. strange object maybe a weather baloon its all over the place not quite ufo alien type craft ? but again could be old space debris floating all over sky. or maybe im completely wrong &amp; is a small prob ufo ?

  3. hey look! a floating mylar balloon!! <br />DON&#39;T check out above youtube link. doesn&#39;t make sense. dumb actually. just trying to get more hits. not even ufo related. probably the same dude that posted out of focus balloon complimenting his own video.

  4. i have to say this website is going down hill fast ……….. why are we having so many laterns &amp; baloons being posted surly you are not that despeate to have thing to put on your site, dont you view them first ?? please stop this rubbish being posted, and get back to what you were doing so well…. its not a race to the bottom of the pile folks.

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