Alien Contact – The Message

Fascinating search into the Alien agenda and messages sent to earth from other worlds. Ancient alien artefacts, giant UFOs, crop circles and a secret message to our reality.. you have to see this to believe it.. 
Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

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  1. I&#39;ve been following these materie.<br />&quot;We; are well on our way&quot; that&#39;s a quote of an alien message, which some might know off.<br />My take on this is that the goal is to travel through space to other places in space.<br /><br />This capabilty will come on real fast I see, it&#39;s just the 1 and the 0, which we know by now are commonly used throughout all universes.<br /><br

  2. Interesting stuff! As much as I&#39;d like to believe that our immediate universe is full of enormous, alien spacecraft, it seems odd that only one, amateur astronomer has captured these craft on film. Surely the other 200,000 amateur astronomers would have also noticed these craft, and captured them on film. <br />

  3. EXCELLENT MOVIE. Thank you very much.<br />Once on Youtube, I also had more choices of other excellent movies! Thanks.<br />All true! Fools say otherwise! PROSPECTOR.

  4. Excellent video. There&#39;s so many interesting theories out there and most seem to make some really good points. This guy at the end evidently has scientific proof although he admits it&#39;s proof no one can understand. i learn new info and revise my own personal theory. My theory changes often and rapidly as I continually gain new info. Last week I finally decided UFOs must be demons because

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