Top 5 UFOs and Unexplained Phenomena of 2012

End of the world did not happen as scheduled in 2012 but the fascination of UFOs continues.

Was there a UFO during the summer Olympic Games? Did former CIA agent tell the truth when he claimed that extraterrestrials were part of the Roswell incident in 1947?

Those questions stirred both UFO enthusiasts and sceptics in 2012 and were included on the list of top 5 UFO and unexplained phenomena news and stories.

Woolly Mammoth1. The video that was posted in YouTube [link] showing a living extinct woolly mammoth made quite a stir. The extinct animal was caught crossing a river in Siberia, according to the uploader Michael Cohen/Barcoft Media. However, documentary filmmaker Lou Petho surfaced and claimed that he was the one who filmed the original river but without the mammoth. Barcroft Media claimed to have only licensed the video from Cohen. Meanwhile, Cohen said that someone may have filmed the same place at different time. However, the main problem of the claim by Cohen was that both videos have the same cloud formation. Barcroft and Petho reportedly worked out financial matters about the controversy.

2. Several videos were presented during the opening ceremonies of the 2012 summer Olympics in London showing of what many believe as a real disc-shape UFO over the stadium. GoodYear executive claimed that the alleged UFO was their airship that provided amazing overhead videos of the ceremonies. But despite with this explanation, many people remained convinced that it was an aircraft from alien visitor to witness the opening ceremonies.

Chase Brandon

3. Retired CIA veteran Chase Brandon revealed on July 1, 2012 that he found a box with mark “Roswell” at CIA headquarters in Langley, VA in the mid-1990s. According to Brandon, there were materials and photos inside the box that made him a believer to the UFO crash incident in Roswell, NM.

A month later, Air Force veteran Lt. Col. Richard French revealed that there were two UFO crashes near Roswell and the first one was shot down by an experimental U.S. airplane. French said that the UFO was hit by the electronic pulse-type weapon from the experimental U.S. aircraft that disabled all the controls of the UFO, the reason it crashed.

4. The National Atomic Testing Museum gathered four retired military colonels to share their suspicions or information about UFOs and aliens. One of those colonels, Air Force Col. Charles Halt, made a strong message by accusing the government of a UFO cover-up. He further mentioned that the government has secret agency intended for the alien visits to Earth.

5. The Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finland was visited again in early 2012 after its first discovery in 2011. A team of divers went down and took images of the strange circular object, similar to a giant mushroom at the bottom of the sea. However, there is still no clear identification yet of what is become known as the Baltic Sea UFO.

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    • It may not be purposely submerged leaving your statement at, &quot;it is a UO&quot;. That is why they are diving etc. PROSPECTOR<br />

  1. what uso or ufo u talking about…those been proven being stones..and since the beginning of this stupid story everybody noticed those guys were just looking for advertise themselves..modest team really compared to others more professional treasure hunters teams..people like to get brainwashed..thats also proved by this website and others..

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