Australia: UFO Encounters in Northern Rivers

Several residents in Northern Rivers, Australia, who believe that they have had real alien or extraterrestrial abduction experiences, wanted a little respect from the sceptics and media.

Australian Close Encounter Research Network principal Mary Rodwell many victims of alien abduction are reluctant to speak about it. Mrs Rodwell, a qualified nurse and counsellor, said that she could recall many instances that stories of UFO encounters were misrepresented in the media in her 20 years as researcher of UFO encounters.

UFO encountersShe even encountered many articles that talked about her interviews that were far from what she actually said. People are reluctant to talk because many witnesses who shared their UFO encounters are ridiculed by comments in the media.

The idea of unidentified flying objects have been visiting mankind for at least 50 years had increased mainstream acceptance because notable people like Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin disclosed their experiences to the public.

Buzz Aldrin has shared about the evidence they found on the moon and Neil Armstrong talked about UFOs that watched them when they landed on the moon.

According to Mrs Rodwell, many people have experiences beyond UFO sightings. These people recalled abduction experiences. Several families also shared to Mrs Rodwell about their children interacting with aliens in their homes.

She have had talked to several little 5-year-old children who shared to her about going through walls and they told her that they like going up on the unknown craft because they learned more when they were there than in school.

A four-year-old child even told her that he did not mind little black aliens playing to him since they were friendly and they have skin similar to dolphins.

Another eight-year-old kid told her that he went up to an unidentified craft together with his friends and they have their annual medical exam administered by aliens.

Mrs Rodwell said that there were people who told her that range of things happen on the craft from having DNA samples to genetic samples. Some people also told her that aliens healed their illnesses.

Mrs Rodwell believes that there are so many evidences about the existence of UFOs and aliens after hearing sightings or encounters from psychiatrists, pilots, psychologists, solicitors, doctors, and police.

She learned that sightings and abduction experiences were linked in a lot of cases based on her research and counselling. She said that a missing time episode or a feeling that something may have happened that can’t be recalled is sometimes experienced.

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  1. 31st december 2012 sunshine coast, five of us had sighted a large ufo in the sky at approximately 5.0pm at close range, a large object disk shaped but more of a bulky round shape it slowly moved across the sky bobing/tilting up and down then slowly moved towards the west, absolutely a awsome sight, we took a long range photo as by the time I found my camera it was a little far away.

  2. Always the same evidence of encounters, personal memories, missing time,etc., etc., and yet no one seems to address the fact that all of this is pure evil. In our society, abductions and forced medical experiments are very much against the law. We wouldn't tolerate it if a human did this to another human, and yet we talk on and on about the aliens doing it, and not a problem apparently. The

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