Multiple UFO sightings over San Antonio, Texas 28-Dec-2012

Latest UFO sightings – Multiple videos of daytime activity in the sky above San Antonio in Texas. All of the videos were filmed on Friday, 28th December 2012.

Witness report: December-28-2012 multiple U.F.O Sightings were captured on video over San Antonio,Tx…This day i manage to capture some amazing U.F.O footage..Here is a short video of clips,as they happened that day..On this video you will clearly see these U.F.O’s and their flightpattern’s.With some refrence points such as tree top’s.Video’s were filmed over the S/E side of San Antonio,Tx.Video consist of glowing orb’s of energy,that seem to be traveling on its own power.Not blown by the wind,these object’s are clearly not aircrafts/weatherballoons/satellites..

Author (SAUFOTX @ youtube)

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  1. I saw those white plastic bags flying through the air during a cold front that came through. Stop posting crap! Use binoculars before tapeing. Make some credibility for yourself,record only those objects that are truly unidentifiable,otherwise you only look amatuer at best..I watch the sky daily here in San Antonio. Stop trying to put us on the map with these "way amatuer" vids.

  2. Miniscule dots in the sky…… Again. How many of these "dots" in the sky videos do we have to endure? Please try to post something worthy of our time.

  3. This site will let anything get posted. I've been checking this site for 2 years now. Alot has changed. For the lesser unfortunately.

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