Bright UFOs flying above Vancouver, Canada 8-Dec-2012

bright UFOs
This triangle formation of bright objects was recorded in the sky above east Vancouver in Canada on 8th December 2012.

Witness report: I was practicing bmx freestyle in the parking lot of home depot in east Vancouver, looked up at a helicopter that was flying low over the parking lot, when I observed the helicopter (heard on the audio), I noticed 4 red lights to the south of my location. They appeared to be about 500ft in the air, made no sound, and had a flickering effect like they were on fire. I quickly grabbed my small portable digital video camera that I use for recording BMX riding, and filmed the lights until they “burned out” and faded away. I have no idea what these things were. Sorry about the language, this was my initial reaction. The other strange audio head in the background is the sound of the skytrain passing by behind me.

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  1. def triangle type craft might be new military design or of alien origin these beings are super advanced trivial lab rats they toy with us daily many species & some ive read live in underground tunnels in our earth ? im no authority on these beings just what ive read .

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