Flying saucer photographed over Khaitan, Kuwait 9-Dec-2012

This strange disc-shaped UFO was photographed over Khaitan, a suburb of Kuwait City on 9th December 2012.
What do you think this object is? Please leave your comments below.
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  1. Translation using gtanslate: <br /><br />Yesterday near «set» Frisbee flying over our sea, and yesterday also set back above Aabestna, and who knows it holds tomorrow to slip testing بشرنا. <br />yesterday and on the ninth of December enable resident Mohammed Yasser Siksik of taking a picture of a flying saucer through تنزهه in the free zone and caught pictures of birds flamingos. <br />either

  2. Another UFO post, another hilariously obvious Photoshop.<br />Newspapers and blogs need to stop reporting these and stop giving the trolls who made them the attention they seek. Can you please stop posting these type of posts you know this is done with an iPhone app. Just type UFO in the app store.

  3. If you enlarge the picture with the extraterrestrial craft in it, you will see further in the background an airplane.<br /><br />Can we wonder who is on the airplane?<br /><br />Does this not appear to be a &quot;Marking&quot; of something we should investigate?<br /><br />

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