Blinking UFO above Chester County, Pennsylvania 25-Dec-2012

orbUFO videos – This video of unknown blinking object hovering in the daytime sky above Chester County in Pennsylvania was recorded on Tuesday, 25th December 2012.
Witness report: This was seen between 2-3 PM in Chester County, PA. The black object (seen in video 2) was seen fist and hovered in the same spot for at least 2-1/2 to 3 hours that we saw. These lights then appeared below it.
Author (girl245689 @ youtube)

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  1. Blinky light hovering at a distance. hmmm.<br />Could be faked but, why would someone do such a poor job. It is as real as it gets folks!

  2. I am so happy someone else cought these, thought i was loosing my mind not seeing more than what i recorded. GREAT, check crustyclips1 on youtube

  3. it is BEYOND me how people cannot focus on an object and NOT MOVE THE CAMERA! i once held a pair of binoculars on a ufo for 20 minutes without moving. my arms were dead after but i did it! it can be done.

  4. I do believe its real, the blinks look original, dont know any object that can perform like that, also the moving of the object has its own logic, plus the way they r talking, the way she keeps the camcorder, and the matter that the black object has been there almost still for couple hours..all sounds legit…its one of the few and best sights this year

    • what ? please tell us more bout swamp gas…you don&#39;t know what u talking must be very young or just illiterate

  5. I just think it&#39;s so dumb not to focus on the black object, that&#39;s what I wanted to see, at least there was definition to it, to me, that was the real target, not the blinking lights. Why did they not film the black object?

  6. well done on filming a rotating ufo craft in daylight on xmas day in chester county pennsylvania hard to film but should get investigated further see if anyone else spotted this craft but its xmas day people busy with kids opening presents etc im impressed .

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