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Your UFO reports: 8th December – 15th December 2012
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Venice, Florida @ Venice East Blvd and Center Road – 12/15/2012 @ 8:20 p.m.

Husband walking dogs see three bright orange spheres, one following another, moving across the sky just above tree top level. Shortly after the three pass by, another follows them. He called me to come outside quickly. Together we see one last bright orange sphere crossing the sky. UFOs heading due east to due west (which would be heading to the Gulf of Mexico about 4 miles from us). The spheres had a center with some sort of “swirling” mass. No noise, no trail or appendages, no flashing lights. Guess-timate the spheres to be less than 500 feet in the air and maybe 20 feet in diameter. I was able to get still photos. Have included the one that was closest. From that one I removed the color which is shown in the other picture. When the black sky is removed, the obvious disc shape can be seen with bright orange surrounding the disc.

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Burlington, North Carolina – 12/15/2012 8:35pm EST
This stayed stationary in the s sky for about an hour, then disappared.

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Alum Chine Bournemouth, UK – 14th December 2012 7.00 p.m.
I have been standing on our balcony this evening watching orbs in the night sky with my son…we watched as they flew across the sky, changed direction, faded out and became larger and brighter…one looked a little red…I have seen them before in the same location passing across the sky

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Battle Creek, Michigan – December 12th 2012
You’re gonna be stunned by this one!!!
This is absolutely incredible footage!!!
Better go and sit down before you watch this one.

Youtube video link:


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Scottsdale, AZ – 12/11/12 6:20 am
**UFO in the Sky**
My grand daughter-Jasmine 16 yrs old was on her way to school, on her skate board. It was dark out still, and there was no traffic or other people around. She was getting ready to cross the street, when she was startled by a bright light in the sky. She claims it was traveling as low as roof top level. No sound, round and as large as a horse. She says as it got closer to her, she could see twinkling lights inside the orb shaped object. She thought it might hit something, but then it just disappeared. It did not fizzle out, or explode. It was like it went into another dimension. When she got home, and her father arrived at dinner. she told him about the siting. Father said how odd, a co-worker at the Post office also saw the same thing around the same time, but he was in another part of Scottsdale than where she was. She replied, maybe the object teleported in his direction? (no pics available)

**Close Encounter**
The following morning 12/12/12 at 2:30 am. Jasmine woke up to what she thought was her alarm clock going off at 4am. The time she wakes up to get ready for school. When she went to turn the alarm off, she noticed the clock read 2:30, and she could still hear sounds. She saw that all of her electronic hand held games; the psp vita, psp go, and psp 3000 were on and playing games on their own. Her step mother Tita came down the hall way, and found her computer and TV was on. She entered Jasmine’s room and they were both puzzled and frighten by the ordeal. They stayed up the rest of the morning. She called me 6:50 am to tell me about it. What bothered her most was that the games weren’t just on, that they were playing the games amongst each other.

Both Tita and I had told Jasmine over the past 48 hours, this is a sign… to keep a watchful eye. How odd that we both gave her this warning. Is something going on? I read that a large Meteor (size of a planet) passed through our orbit last night, but surely this did not cause any strangeness on Earth.

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Garner NC – 12-11-2012
I was walking my dog around 12:30am from winding brook dr. in Garner NC. A large blue round light flew in the east at an astonishing rate and disappeared. It was amazing!

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Rio Medina, Texas – 12/10-12/12,2012
I’ve made a video that contains three consecutive nights of observing what I can only describe as UFOs. The first section was shot on December 10, 2012, and is the most detailed. It shows a round, planet-like object changing color and rotating. The second was shot on the 11th and shows a rotating round object with a totally different blend of colors. The third was shot last night, the 12th, and was taken with the camera on a tripod, unlike the other two. I wanted to minimize the camera movement as much as possible. These things appear fairly regularly out here. I won’t speculate as to what these objects are, since I’m not an astronomer. They could be stars, planets, satellites,etc.Or something else. I don’t know, but I think they’re worth looking at. I have more raw footage that hasn’t been converted to video format, if anyone wants to see more, I can convert.

Link to video:

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Guadalajara Mexico – december 10th 2012 morning
Just found this one caught in Guadalajara Mexico

This guy was about to go to work when he captured this UFO on camera
in front of his house in Guadalajara Mexico

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Thailand – Dec,9 2012 AM:0.29
Youtube video link of my latest UFO sighting:

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East side of Greenlake in Seattle, Wa – Dec, 9, 2012 at 7:20pm to 7:50pm

My friend & I saw one orange/red light coming from the West over the lake. It wasn’t like any aircraft, star, planet I’ve ever saw. My first thought was it was an airplane about to crash so we moved closer to the lake to get away from it’s direction.But it didn’t crash it got a brighter red, then went higher into the clouds. When it was visable again it was a dull white light & the shape of a triangle. It kept getting higher than finally disappeared past the universe. Two other orange/red lights one at a time came faster from the West, paused about 5 minutes and then disappeared.

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Santa Ana Mountains, Southern California – December 8th, 2012 – 5am

Woke up and instantly saw bright star-like orb flying upward above the mountains outside my window, which at first seemed like a bright plane. Realized planes aren’t that bright at the object stopped and started hovering. Stayed in same spot except moved back and forth, zig-zagged, dipped, looped, hovered too fluidly for a plane or helicopter.

Sat up and heart was hammering as I realized it was something unknown/abnormal. Kept watching and it continued to hover unless it randomly started moving fluidly in ways described above. Called a friend about it because I had to start getting up/getting ready to leave the house and it wasn’t going away. Watched it for about 45 min before it disappeared while I was looking down at my phone texting.

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Spindale, NC – 12/8/12 – 7:00/7:30pm

Last Saturday I was driving home when I happened to look up. There were 5 reddish orange lights sitting in the sky in an arch shape. As I watched the lights 2 more shot straight up from behind the trees. Seven all together now. I stopped to watch them. As I watched, the 1 at the bottom of the formation and the 2 that had just appeared started moving very fast toward each other and formed a triangle shape. The other 4 remained sitting in the arch formation. I watched these craft for about 2 minutes. They all started moving straight upward, almost out of sight and then all headed out toward the east. I was so shocked at what I was seeing, I completely forgot that I had my small video camera in my pocketbook so I did not get any images of the craft. I came home and posted what I had seen on facebook. Several people commented under the post but when I got up the next morning a friend had posted a link to a news broadcast in the SF Bay area. Apparently, the following morning many people in that area had seen the same that I had seen. I was really curious about what I had seen and so the following Monday, I called our local airport. I asked the man that I spoke with if they had 7 aircraft take off from over there on the night in question at that time. He stated that he had not worked that night be lived right by the airport and if they had, he would have seen and heard them.

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W12 area of West London, UK – 8th of December 2012 at 16:57:46 GMT.
This strange rotating object was filmed in the W12 area of West London, UK on the 8th of December 2012 at 16:57:46 GMT.

Youtube video link:

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Lower Saxony, Germany – December 7th 2012
Those light orbs can be seen for several days now over Lower Saxony in Germany.

December 7th 2012:

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Eastside of fallbrook,California – Dec 7 approx 9pm
Was in front of my house smoking a cigarette. My yard lit up bright in front of me, i could see my shadow and shadows of trees from behind me. (was like a car was right behind me with the headlighys on) i turned around and seen a bright ball of light goin straight down, then it just disappeared, probably like 30 ft abpve the ground. Scared the hell outta me.

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Renton USA – December 5th 2012 11:40pm
Just found this one caught on december 5th Renton Seattle around 11:40pm

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Kauai, Hawaii -2-Dec-2012
Photo of a UFO taken Sunday Dec 2 2012 near the Bali Hai Mountain on Kauau Island, Hawaii.

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LaPorte Colorado – 12/10/12 about 7:05 AM
I was headed west on overland trail about to turn south onto HW 287 when above the local conoco gas station i spotted about 60 feet in the air an object that was not in motion i informed the person i was with and we both watched it until my light turned green i drove on headed south we watched the object till the trees blocked out view and we lost sight of it. the thing looked similar to a pair of floating pants long, two “legs” and the bottom of the “legs” curved so thet the object was vertical about 4′ tall then started to curver horizantialy and had about 2′ long legs it was a darker blue almost blck and did not move up or down left or right at all

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Richmond Va. – 12/8/12 3:50pm
I was driving on I195 south Powhite pkwy and noticed a bright light as bright as the sun but alot smaller and to the left of the sun.There where strang clouds on that side of the sky.I wondered if it could have been a reflection but quickly realized it was not.I have clear video of what me and my two sons saw I just want to know what it was.I searched the net.for other reports but didn’t find any.

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Heilbronn,Baden-Werttemberg – date unkown,Time afternoon
Silver Spear about 2000,too 5,000 feet going over the city of Heilbronn and the Necker river in city in the afternoon between 11:30 too 12:30 traveling through the clouds with seams along the Metallic Ball.The seams along in a cross figure and what looked like rivites with the seams,round very big.A plane was going by at the same time behind it plane was about 20,000 feet more or less at this time it looked bigger than a Airliner.seen only for about 10 sec dissapeared into the clouds!At first thought it was a ballon.Going very fast through the clouds I think it was spinning slow as it was moving through the air seemed like in slow motion at first.Very strange maybe a probe from who?Us or them!

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Murfreesboro, Tennessee – November 29, 2012 6:30pm

I was driving to a friend’s apartment, and as I was driving to her complex I noticed these lights on the right of me. When I pulled into her complex, they were straight ahead. I stopped my car dead in the middle of the road leading to the complex to see what they were, because they looked abnormal. There was no movement, blinking, or anything whatsoever. They were just there. I parked my car, walked back over to where I could see them, and they were still there. They weren’t stars, because you can see one or two stars in the photo and these lights were much brighter and more distinct. They weren’t planes or helicopters- there was no sound or movement whatsoever. About 20 minutes later, I brought a friend out to show him they were there and they were gone.
In the photo, you can’t see it, but there was a third large, bright circle behind one of the trees. The light in the far top right was a star.
The strange lights I am referring to are very low in the sky, towards the treeline and the top of the apartment complex.

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Pembine, Wisconsin
I left a dialog of experiences.They come every year.They were in my house and got me in the groin and ran.They do vortex or worm hole dives.It ends in a white lightning cross and a crack.I left a picture of one.the other one is brown/copper with blue steel eyes.The other is transparent muscler built with yellow glowing eyes and yellow vein mostly around the chest region.He not afraid either the other 2 are.
They come every year.I dont know what to do in 2013

2010 UFO Experiences
End of Sept 2010
White alien human form with ripples on top of center of head,look like a white Mayan looking at me inside of a crystalball.I stared at it.Then it vanished and I heard a crack in the sky above my house

2011 UFO Experiences
Beginning of Oct 2011
I saw a UFO lighting on Cty Z about 100 yards away.I was going to stop,but no camera.I kept on going to 4 Season
Week later I woke up.I felt there was a presence.My eyeball were like racket balls on pong.I layed back down,then I heard a low harmonic low frequency pulsating sound flying over my house.putting pressure over my house,making the roof crack.Then 5 min later a truck started at Grand Motel
I notice one day all the lights were dimming in every room I walked into after only once
One night I woke I saw a shadow image at the lower right middle corner of the bed.I look at my croutch I felt a weird sore on the right side of my ball sack,upper region.I layed down .I look to the left I saw a shadow,but payed no attention,layed looking forward and my left eye wanted to look.I saw the shadow getting closer and I wigged out,crawed under the covers.I heard my weight scale get kicked and I heard floppy feet in the hallway and my door shut halfway.
Then that month I came home turned on the internet for went to my bedroom,put on my hood,talk myself in the mirror.I went into the kitchen/livingroom,debating if I should turn off bedroom light,so I didnt.I sat down leaned forward to play with mouse on coffe table.I heard a light switch go off in my mind.I payed no attention.I decided to lean back to my bedroom and to turn off light and it was off.Go figure
Next day or so.I went to sleep on my couch.I had a dream of opening up my back door and saw a beam of red light shooting at my door opening.I stuck my hand out there and it got hot like a infrared light.I woke up check the door for real nothing,so I went to bed that night.In the middle of the night.I was going to wake up,but my eyes clammed shut and I saw myself looking at a ship flying away while I was standing on the back porch. After the 2011 after those dreams everything stopped for that year

2012 UFO experiences

2012 of july
I heard a crack outside of my livingroom window
I got out of bed and leaned over in the middle of the night.I heard and saw a crack and a piece of lightning from the corner of my and saw the tail end of it

2012 the ending of July
I woke up with my back of my head on.I heard my door jitter.I look out my window .I saw a shadow looking at me and I blinked and looked again and it hid some more,so I scouched up to see around the corner and my eye spotted a cloaked brown thing getting ready to jump north.I saw the worn hole and a lightning cross and a alien,white and black eyes tall face,ski sloped nose in mid air with his left hand out and face pointing in the same direction and a crack and it was all gone

2012 August 6,2012
I was watching Youtube on Hilters Escape.My eye wanted to look at the window so I had to turn.I saw an Alien brown with silver blue eyes and then it cloaked.I thought I was seeing things
I went out side with a flashlight.I went to the back yard where my living room windows are and I saw a blurr moving towards the wood,like it was an alien cloaked

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Rowena, n.s.w. Australia – winter 2010
i was working on a cotton farm in rowena n.s.w. australia, the work was 12 to 16 hour days, this photo was taken facing the north west sky, at about 10pm, june, july, or august.there are three photos, normal, zoomed x 1, and zoomed x 2,

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10 miles up the Calapooa rever, neir Holly,Oregon. – Aug. 8. 2005
I was out camping with my little brother and his girl friend,I was getting ready for bed, in my chevy van, when my brother said hay bro, come look at these werd lites. I’t was really cool, there were three sets of lites, you could not make out a shape, and they seem to be tradeing plases with each other over and over. I could also see that they werent very hi in the air , maybe 100ft. above the tree tops .We watched for maybe and hour, then off to bead. I wounder all the time what they were doing, it is a gold and other ritch menrile area ,sounds like anything you have ever herd of please let me know. Sorry about my spelling.

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Red Rock elementry school, Las Vegas NV 89107 – 1968 11.30 am
there was a tower in the play ground that stood about 15 foot tall from there in those days you could see nelis airforce base runway the ufo fell from the sky much like a leaf falls from a tree. there was 6 or 7 of my 6 grade friend standing on top of this tower that seen this thing land on top of sheep mt.the mt. is around 90 miles from where we where this ship was probably 300 to 1/2mile long it was huge at that time nelis was developing the f111s fighter bombers and they were crashing around the area regularly. it took maybe 15 to 20 min. for the air base which we could see the runway had taxied 6 f 111s up ready to fly we were on recess at the time about a 1/2 hour or 20 minates the base launched one of the fighter bombers the others remained on the run way the fighter flew towards the saucer with its wings back once it reached the ufo the plane fliped its wings out to bomber postion we did not see the ufo shoot or fire on the f111 but all of a sudden the plane was ingulfed in flames it looked like a meteor flying around above the ufo it looked like it was going to kamikazie the thing before it crashed on top of sheep mt busting to pieces right away black helicopters surrounded the plane and landed there where about 4 huey helicopter that started buzzing arounnd the ufo it looked like they where shooting.about that time the teacher came up and told us recess was over we told her what we had saw she saw the plane burning on top of the mt. as we walked over and got into line to go back to class the ufo and the hueys flew behind the mt out of sight that was at 11.30 am when we got back in the classroom a couple of hueys where flying real low to the ground right out side of the school.that was approximently 11.45am there was so many hueys flying around the las vegas valley they dissmissed school for the day when we came outside the class there where 100s of hueys flying in groups of 5 or 6 all over the valley.when i got home and told my mother she said she had seen it on the news and they said that the jet had a dash board fire and the piolit had landed the plne and personly put the fire out himself. i have no idea if he bailed out or not it happened so fast but i know he didnt put the fire out. over the years i have looked for infomation on this event but have been unable to find any.

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