Deep Sea UFOs

A detailed examination of the little-known phenomenon of USOs, or Unidentified Submerged Objects, an advanced type of UFO that can operate just as efficiently in water as in the atmosphere. These supposed otherworldly vessels have been reported, some believe, as far back as ancient Egypt. Others believe that USOs were reported by Alexander the Great and Christopher Columbus, and might even involve the lost city of Atlantis.

Highlights include the 1967 Shag Harbor Incident, a government-documented USO crash off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada, and a trip to the area around Laguna Cartegena in Puerto Rico, a reported hotbed of USO activity.

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  1. Hey! You have the best entertainment, which happens to be a [premier] documentary!We need to get more involved. THANKS for all the efforts on this webpage, and more!(Oh! I like to mention I lived in Long Beach,CA during '92 USO flap. I was kept abreast of lights under water, going very fast.Between Avalon, Santa Catalina, to Manhattan Beach,CA. Spotted by boaters at sea, plus people on land.

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