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Your UFO reports: 15th December – 22nd December 2012
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Tigard, Oregon – 12-22-2012 6:00 p.m.
I was returning back to my apartment from picking up a pizza. As I turned into the apartment complex parking lot, I very clearly saw about twenty bright yellowish, rectangularly shaped lights directly in front of me on the horizon. They appeared to be stationary. I stopped an observed in my car for about 30 seconds, wondering what they could be. I then quickly parked my car, ran inside and told my son to come out quickly. He immediately dropped what he was doing and ran outside. By that time, the lights had begun to fad into the north, travelling toward downtown Portland (more or less). My son ran back inside to get his camera, and by the time he came back, their were only three remaining faintly visible lights. We watched them slowly fade. The sky is overcast. Those lights were low, under the cloud cover. They were grouped together and remained grouped together until they faded from sight. No rain, clear, cold. No sound, no other colored blinking lights. There was no wind.

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La Mesa Ca 91942 – 12-22-12
My husband and I saw a bright green ball of light falling from sky

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Montevideo, Parque Batlle Neighbourhood, Uruguay – December 21st 2012, 23 hrs
Since it is summer time and my husband was having dinner out, I invited my mom to dinner and we sat at my terrace which has a very wide panorama of the sky. At 23 hrs we were just chating when she saw that orange ball in the sky behing me. I turned and was astonished for what we were seeing. It was an orange bright ball flying slowly, not static at all, but sufficiently slowly for me to grab the camera. However, I was so shocked that is dissapeared behind the roofs and couldn´t take any.
While we were recovering from our surprise and telling myself I wish I had taken one picture… It appeared again! from the same place, same shape, same brightness, same speed and same direction. That time I took the camera and took 2 photos, at 23.02 hrs and 23.03 (P1070706 and 07). You will see a white light near it, which is the moon.
Exactly ten minutes later it appeared for the third and last time. Same as the last two times… it crossed slowly through our eyes and I could get two more pictures at 23.12 hrs and 23.13 (P1070708 and 09). Then, dissapeared.
It seemed to us that it wasn´t that far, maybe 200 mts high at most.
There was NO sound, no “explosion” typical of fireworkes during this time of the year, it was very close to us.
It was amazing.
I am attaching the 4 pictures.

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15142 Diagonal rd. LaGrange Ohio – dec. 20th 2012. 5:30am
I stepped out to the porch and saw what looked like a very bright out of place star. But it was very close. I yelled in for my boyfriend, Luke, and I asked him what it was and he couldnt identify it either. It descend and came up on us pretty quick then just ast quickly slowed way down and was flying very low in our direction. then I could see it was a triangle shaped craft. There were orangy yellow lights all around it. It also has a red light and a blue light on top which made me think it could have possibly been manmade. However it passed overhead slightly to our right too slow to be that low and it didnt make a sound.

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Atlanta, Georgia – 20-Dec-2012
Last night driving home on hwy 75 between 7:45- 8ish, from atlanta I saw 5 strobing lights. I originally thought this was a spotlight, but the lights followed along the hwy for 20 minutes. They stopped when they got to Lake Allatoona. They were doing synchronized patterns going out and coming back in and occasionally a pattern that did not seem organized. many of the cars on the hwy slowed down. Quite a show very beautiful.. Have you heard from anyone else.. Is there an explanation. I thought maybe someone would have taken a picture or videod this.. I was a little nervous and chose not to stop.

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Perth, Australia – 18th-19th Dec 2012
6 UFOs caught over Perth Australia 18th-19th Dec 2012 (Before 21st Dec 2012)

Youtube video link:

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Near Achenar and Hydrus Constellation – 11:59PM 18-Dec-2012
Seen from my backyard in Adelaide Australia minutes ago.

I randomly was looking at stars with my wife since it’s a clear night, and noticed what I first thought was a shooting star until it did some sudden and strange maneuvers. It was first sighted near the Hydrus constellation.

The object appeared to turn almost 180°, flying a short distance, then turned back again. The object then disappeared briefly (a few seconds), and reappeared a short distance away as it headed towards Achernar.

It faded again, then reappeared once more a few seconds later… this time the intensity of light increasing substantially before slowly fading from view.

I was not able to capture images, since the object was visible maybe for 20 seconds in total, and we were just looking in to the night sky with our bare eyes.

What the hell was it?

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Los Angeles – 12:03PM, 12/18/2012
I saw 3 lights in the sky and they were very bright that one could easily see them in the bright sky. I am sure it was not a plane, because they all were interchanging their position in seconds. Sometimes they were far apart but at the end they were together forming a triangle. After 5 minutes they disappeared in the sky, even though I was trying to keep track of them, they disappeared in blue

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London, Wood green – 17.12.12 16:45
Me and colleague left work at 4:45 pm together, it was already dark. Sky was very clear at that time and there was hardly any clouds. We saw a bunch of sparkling flashing lights in sky about 1km away from us, they were in a fixed formation for about 5 mins.

After about 5mins these lights started ti scatter in different directions, a couple of them stayed in their positions. One of this flying objects came our way and did a turn above our head, it was nothing more than 300m away from us in sky. I saw there was 4 lights on thus object and had some mind of diamond shale with black colour. It made no sound at all. I took a picture with my bb phone but its not clear at all. Please let us know if you saw anything around that time in north London area.

Peace and love. Only thing we should fear is fear itself people.

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Norman, OK – 12/10/2012, 6:45pm
I was driving west on Main Street in Norman, Ok, and noticed bright lights out of the side car window. I initially thought it was the lights in the Sooner Mall parking lot, but when I noticed it moving, I leaned down to get a closer look. For a second I thought it was the biggest helicopter I had ever seen. The object turned slightly and I realized it had two elongated sides to it, and a bridge across the middle of it. There were lights shining out of the sides. It was hovering so low that I could tell it was made of a medium gray metal material. It somewhat resembled a large elongated “H” shape. I decided to pull into the mall to see if I could get some pictures of it. By the time I parked and got out, I couldn’t see it. I started to get back into my car, and I saw it briefly at a distance, then it just disappeared. I have never seen anything like this before and I found it very disturbing. I assumed several people had to see it too, since there was a considerable amount of traffic around the mall. I checked the news, newspapers, and the internet and found nothing about it, which I also thought was strange. I felt like I had driven onto the set of a starwars movie.

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Osage, Minnisota – Jan 2007 10:00PM
Before I go into any detail I want everyone to know that before I saw what I did I was more than a total non-believer wish I would have at the time come forward to a site like this and shared my experience. I can’t be too specific of the exact time and date but I know it was sometime in January. Anyways, I was living in a very small town in the middle of nowhere Minnesota. I’m talking about dirt roads and corn fields as far as the eye can see. A friend and I were driving along a back woods dirt road on the way back home from another friend’s house. This is very hard to explain let alone hard for others to believe but as we were driving something above us caught our eye through the sun roof. It was pitch-black out but this object whatever it was made the whole shape of the craft look like it was daytime with clouds scattered about. I really wish I could have got a picture but it was gone just as fast as it showed up.
I had one other account that I would like to share and this one blew my minds as well. It was probably about 3 months later that same year and I was with the same friend and his wife standing out back of our apartment smoking a ciggerete. As we all stood there a huge flying something whisked by above us barley missing the tops of tall pine trees. Now the strange part about the craft that makes me believe it was a UFO is it didn’t make not one sound as it very quickly passed by.

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Aust village South Glos – 1961 oct 7 pm
a round ball of light hoverd over the road for 3 minutes then moved upwards and stopped for 4 minutes then moved up and stopped for5 minutes then moved in a zig zag movement every time it did a movement itstopped after each one it stopped a .bit longer.i watched the object about 15 mins. it then acellerated at tremendos speed and merged in with the stars in the night sky and stopped once more . I watched it for 10 mins then took my eyes off of it.returned my gaze and just when i thought it was gone and was about to go home it moved at tremendos speed in an arc across the stars and dissapeard.

C Kingscott
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