Flying saucer photographed over Green Mountain, Colorado 22-Dec-2012

disc-shaped UFO
This interesting photograph of some kind of a disc-shaped UFO was taken over Green Mountain in Colorado on Saturday, 22nd December 2012 at 4:30 pm.
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Witness report: On Saturday, 12-22-2012 at apx 430 pm I took two photos of the sunset, with my phone, facing south from my deck. While reviewing photos on Sunday, 12-23-2012 I noticed an unusual object in the upper portion of one of the photos. The object is disc shaped and appears to have a circular lit area in the center of the bottom and what appear to be lights or windows on the upper portion of the disc. The object was not visible to my eye at the time the photo was taken and is not visible in the second photo taken roughly 15 seconds after the first. I have included the photo of the object in the attachment.

Author (source: mufon)

flying saucer
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    • Same picture, same angle of flight, same exact lights on the bottom, same picture doctored into two different pictures, the one above obviously a fake, you can see it doesn't fit.

  1. Same ufo as the China one in the post above. This is also a fake, it is a cell phone app that lets you put a ufo in any picture.

  2. Hmm? Funny that's the same exact one that a friend of mine had in the picture App that they used on their phone. It is FAKE!!!

  3. Nothing wrong with an open mind. If genuine (most likely it is not), then it is a (Hynek) 1e kind observation. But is does not pass my criteria:<br />1. Any (configuration) of lights (whatever flashing pattern) moving in straight line is either an airplane, a satelite or space debris (shooting stars included). Others options : Chinese lanterns, (laser) lights or projection. (Reflection on

  4. I saw my first UFO in 1967 when I was 12 in British Guiana (South America). It was night and I was looking through a window. Our house being on stilts, the windows were mesh. First, I saw a huge white circular object in the sky (motionless) but because I was too scared, I hid under my covers. Later when I looked out again, the object had changed orientation (it must have been on its side when I

  5. Then in July 2001, I lived in Mississauga (Ont.) at the time in a 15 story high-rise +- facing the CN tower to the S.-E. (21km or so). I could see the tower on very clear days. One Sunday morning, I was having coffee in the solarium and had a sighting that lasted approx. 10 min. In front of my building was a 10story one, behind which was a bicycle path and a row of 2story townhouses with patio

  6. Years went by and in 2004 (I was back in Chicoutimi, Qc). I live in a coop building 2 streets away from the Saguenay River to the north. Here’s what I witnessed: I was on the hill behind our coop with a neighbour. We had a full view of the river and the cliffs across from us. It was 6h30 pm in summer when we saw an underwater light coming from the east. It was quite near the surface. THE AMAZING

  7. I hope that my experiences will enlighten you. If it doesn&#39;t fly like a bird – a plane – a helicopter – then consider it something else.

  8. This is the reason why technology sometimes is a Bitch, People waste their time to show a creation of UFO picture.<br />I&#39;m a graphic artist, I could draw a real UFO looking thing in the sky as well, but that defeats the purpose, I want TRUTH! and I want real pics not faked ones

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