UFOs: The Untold Stories: Episode 2 NEW!

National Geographic – A cyclist sees glowing UFOs in the sky, two US soldiers discover a landed craft, and strange files describing a UFO sighting in Venice from 1936.

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  1. For those of you who look over all the comments before they are viewed, why are you letting such foul mouthed comments get thru? This is one of my favorite sites and it's becoming so trailer trash it's embarrassing. Don't you want this site to remain respectable for serious UFO enthusiasts? Or has this just become another joke.

  2. Debunkers such as Dr David Clarke have NO validity in their efforts to nay say whatsoever…how do they equate their experiences with those of pilots/astronauts/military,nasa,cia,nsa,nro etc officials that state this is real ? …people such as Clarke have NO experience in these fields at all and so their ponderings and statements of hallucinations etc are nonsense.

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