Updated National UFO Alert in the U.S.

As of December 1, 2012, the states of Texas, Florida, California, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Arizona are recently added to the UFO Alert 3 of the National UFO ALERT as the states with the highest number of UFO sighting reports for the month of November 2012 as filed by Mutual UFO Network.

The leading state with the highest UFO reports for the month is California with 53 cases, the lowest number since August of the same year. Following the Golden State is Florida with 37, Michigan with 37, Texas with 36, Pennsylvania with 30 and Arizona with 25.

The UFO Alert 4 status for the month having 13 or more reports are New York, Colorado, Tennessee, Illinois, Missouri, Ohio and North Carolina. For the month of December, states with rising number of UFO sightings are Washington, Indiana, Georgia and New Jersey.

Shapes of these objects in the reports vary from area to another and they include fireball, star, triangle, disc, cylinder, missile, blimp, teardrop, boomerang, cone, rectangle, cross and unknown. Nevertheless, sphere remains the most reported shape that witnesses report.

On the other hand, states that top the list are not those with the highest number of UFO sightings, but are those with the most interesting proofs or evidence that could potentially lead to UFO origins.

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