VIDEO: 2 linked UFOs over Grand Blanc, Michigan 4-Dec-2012

michigan ufoLatest UFO sightings – This strange craft with two lights was seen and recorded over Grand Blanc, a city in Genesee County in the U.S. state of Michigan. Filmed on Tuesday, 4th December 2012.

Just barely 3 weeks ago, Jeff Holko witnessed something over Grand Blanc Township, Michigan that he just first saw in his entire life. He managed to get his phone, pointed the built-in camera at the UFO, and recorded 2 ½ minutes of video.

Holko said that he is not sure of what was he saw. He described that the UFO has no definitive shape. He added that it was nearly the shape of a wedge or a disk and had no structure to it.

The video shows two clear and bright lights moving very slow in the sky. A third light flashing so quickly can be seen with the other two by the time the video clip ends.

The object made its way across the field for two minutes. In his YouTube posting, Holko said that they watched airplanes with similar flight paths but much higher and faster to cross the field for only 20 seconds with engine noise unlike the UFO they saw in which it was completely silent.

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  1. yeah we seen alot more of it thou.. the two orange lights was last after we had already been in shock .. wtf is really going on&gt; im demanding we get answers<br />

  2. NOTICE THE BLINKING LIGHT. blinking lights indicate its a man made aircraft airport next to him. i believe its an airplane taking off away from him so u see the jet engines and its pulling away from him and to the side. look closely toward end of video u can see the signal lights blink.

  3. Police report that night there was a shooting and they had a helicopter in that area where your ufo is lol stay off drugs.. And the airport is next too the right of this flim too i leave in this I …

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