Fast UFO over Melbourne, Australia – January 2013

Latest UFO sightings – This strange object was recorded flying across the sky above Melbourne in Australia in early January 2013.

Witness report: Sorry folks, I know what birds look like, this is not a bird.
Author (Lou20764 @ youtube)

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  1. This screams hoax….This guy has a night vision set-up and catches not just erratic orbs, but a six-pack of fast moving objects going left and right? You Roo's should know better…

    • @Anonymous, He is not intentionally hoaxing anybody or anything. There is a vast amount of footage of daytime skies using IR filters. There is a large amount of unexplainable "flying orbs" / "UFOs" / etc. He may catch birds and bugs and not know the difference, but if you watch all his videos, you too will be left scratching your head.

    • This YouTube channel is a fresh, interesting, and growing perspective of UFOs/entities within Earth's atmosphere. Spread the word. There are things up there that we cannot and never see.

  2. As the eaves of the house are in focus and the "sphere" is out of focus, tends to suggest something close to the lens like an insect.

  3. I would like to confirm the sighing as I have seen it too and captured an image of it too…. just found this website from a friend how can I upload the images?

  4. I would like to confirm what was seen as I saw it also. it was only after looking at the pictures of the day that I noticed what was in the sky moving. How can I upload it?

  5. Im crustyclips1, This guy Lou has constantly deleted my comments about these daytime seagulls, this is a seagull inland, there is wings, and seagulls circle, ive made different accounts with different names and he deletes and blocks u from replying, he also records insects, small birds, baloons, but never real orbs low or high, 1million night vision cams were bought in autralia last year, but he

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