TV News about UFO sighting above Texas 30-Dec-2012

Lights in the sky aren’t really unusual around the New Year. But some Cleveland residents say they saw something more than your typical firework display.

On December 30, Lauren Harris was on Highway 59 in Cleveland, when a brightly cylinder hovering in the sky caused her to pull over.

“It was acting really strange. The lights were pulsating on it and it would disappear and reappear in the same spot, over the woods,” Harris told Eyewitness News. “I think it was a UFO.”

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  1. As usual, one person's visual sighting with NO VISUAL EVIDENCE makes the TV news as a story, while over 100,000 youtube UFO videos DO NOT. And without that visual evidence, when or IF MUFON gets a primary/secondary FAA radar report and the object didn't make a hit, they'll dismiss her as not credible adding to discrediting UFOs as a whole. Well, isn't THAT convenient? Most of

  2. I wish the news would post more of this ,The more people see this the more they will start believing they are out there !

  3. i believe the nurses story credible witness shock at seeing an unusual craft in the sky then when she went too take a photo on her mobile phone it disappeared or cell phone as there called over in states .

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