Flashing lights above King’s Lynn, UK 1-Jan-2013

UFO sightings 2013 – New interesting video of a flashing lights in the sky above King’s Lynn in United Kingdom. This was recorded on Tuesday, 1st January 2013.

Witness report: Just to keep you all up to date and interested in what’s going on here, the ships are still around and are still doing their circuits.
So here’s a few more ships filmed when the cloud vanished for a while, recorded free style without the tripod in Night Vision. King’s Lynn UK. 
Author (TheJSB007 @ youtube)

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    • Hey not so much the site, but the standard of posters has sunk to a ridiculous level. I've been with this site since it started way back when there was a great crowd of open minded, level headed people who were genuinely interested in the subject. Now the site has seen a dramatic increase in flakey pseudo religious zealots who heap scorn on the 'non believers' and talk utter shite

  1. ha ha..again..UFD…unidentified flying dots…what a waste of time..hope it wont be like that the rest of this year…real ufo might hav moved somewhere else in the galaxy..tired also of those dots everywhere..ha ha

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