2013 UFO video: Triangle UFO hovering above Elsinore, California – January 2013

2013 UFONew video of a strange triangle-shaped craft hovering in the night sky above Elsinore in California. This was taken in early January 2013.

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  1. My boyfriend and I saw the strange orbs in the night sky's of Seattle wa. Around 11:30-11:45pm the night of New Year's Eve 2012. I was in the military so I know what lights to look for when spotting aircrafts in the sky. Those lights and the size was of no aircraft that we have. Furthermore with so many confessions of others seeing these lights around the world I'm very shocked and

  2. Looks like they were doing the 60 degree tango (there are three known operational flight positions for the discs, if these are disks??)

  3. I saw the triangle light pattern UFO in 1979, the night before Thanksgiving, Hollister, CA. It started out with two "headlights" in a golden color I had never seen before. They appeared stationary with a "column" of light underneath the two headlights. It was perfectly quiet. It began moving closer and the lights got brighter. The lights started to get too bright and right

    • Mine was in march of 09 .started out as two small lites like tinystars close to the eastern horizion. They were comeing straight at us.getting bigger by the second. We could see big beams like headlites but hugh and low just over the treetops. It stopped 400ft in front of us.We could now really see lite beams going towards the west.they seemed to turn south alittle bit then two hugh rows of 6 or

  4. music not needed i believe its new military type craft made by nasa upgrade of the aurora project think craft very top secret designed off alien type craft wonder what happened to, the mayan prophesy of 2012 21 dec all too sell books bunkum these stone carvings in south america are getting decyphered wrongly everyones into ufo mania worlds losing the plot there probably are ufos which are

    • UFO experiences JUST HAPPEN to people. They aren't necessarily looking for one. I wasn't looking for one. I don't imagine that having advanced technology means a society doesn't have problems. The U.S. has advanced technology and a lot of problems. Having advanced tech doesn't mean you are nice or fair whether you are from earth or not. I was meditating a lot at the time I

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