New video of UFO over Melbourne, Australia – January 2013

unidentified flying objectThis unidentified flying object was slowly flying across the sky above Melbourne in Australia. This was recorded in early January 2013.

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    • Seems as though Mr. anonymous doesn&#39;t know why.<br />Might be a bug watcher or tree hugger instead.<br />Why would we not want to know our origin is also a good question. I still not sure Darwin had it right either. Thanks lou. Did you see the other two zipping cross the screen? PROSPECTOR.

    • seems as though mr anonymous gets all exited about a light in the sky.<br /><br />small things amuse small minds.<br /><br />might be a a retard of recovering from severe head trauma, either way.. this has nothing to do with discovering answers as to our origins.. <br /><br />its a light, get over it.

    • im bothering to comment janet, because i was enticed here in the hope of seeing something interesting, instead all i see is another inconclusive video of an unspectacular light..<br /><br />yaaawwnnn.<br /><br />im so sorry if my criticism displeases you.. not.<br />

  1. This is spy armada from the sky lead by Lieutenant General Isa Alaihisallam (Jesus) son of Mary, will be coming to conquer the earth (Armageddon War)..Allah give to all Jewish and Christians enough time!..enough is enough! To all my brothers and sister!! please come back to ISLAM!!!! only ISLAM the truth religion!

  2. Anyone who does not understand the importance of this video should spend some time viewing all videos found on the same YouTube channel. Infinite number of flying objects over Earth, all invisible to the naked eye.

  3. its people like you that keep us primative cant think out side the square so can any of you desproof it ah??? its a big never ending universe you people still need a goverment to tell you how to run your own lives cause you cant think for yourselfs and u say theres no live any where eles get abrain

  4. how can people be so damn @@@#@.if anything is out there we as people will know.damn the government when it comes to something like that.they outh to take them {fuckers} away.

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