New Years Eve UFO sighting above Phoenix, Arizona 1-Jan-2012

2013 UFOUFO videos 2013 – This interesting footage of unknown bright objects or orbs hovering in the sky above Phoenix, Arizona (and not over New York as previously reported!) in triangle formation, was recorded on 1st January 2012.
What do you think this is? Just a chinese lanterns or something more mysterious?

Your opinion?
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  1. Kinda hard to tell what FILL WARREL has got there and the level of his seriousness with a lazer pointer, broken phone, midnight, no service to his phone and his vid is out of focus. Given the aproximates of measurements,he likely has something flying there with no sound.<br />It is relavent that we get co-ordinates and directins of travel as well as time,date etc. PROSPECTOR

  2. Where in NYS was this video taken?? I live in Nedrow NY – just south of Syracuse. At 12:18 AM on 1/1/13, I saw almost the same thing – except it was only 3 red lights in a triangular formation, moving west to east, silently. It only lasted about one minute – then, one by one (left to right) each light simply went out. I did get some very rough video on my phone cam, but because I was so panicked,

  3. My cousin saw the same lights in Nedrow NY….just south of Syracuse!!! She saw them 11 minutes after this video was taped……at 12:18am January 1st 2013

  4. the lights are not stable in relation to them supposedly being outside. they bounce along with your camera. if you&#39;re going to fake a picture, make it more realistic.

  5. Doesn&#39;t look real because of all the ELF toys.<br /><br />Eg:phonecracked,no service,lack of charge,lazer,<br /> NAME: Fill Warrel/Will Farrel? FOCUS? <br /> CheapCam?<br /> And I thought I best forget about my crummy shots with my LG !! PROSPECTOR.<br /> <br />

  6. My wife and I saw 9 lights just like that over Cloquet Minnesota on December 31st at 1155 p.m. They had no noise there about a mile and a half away from us in about 1500 feet And we don&#39;t drink

  7. I live in Phoenix and have seen lights like this before. And they are not UFOs. I believe these are planes coming in to Sky Harbor Airport. A few times I have seen lights lined up like this and for a second thought they were UFOs. They just turned out to be planes lining up to land. I believe in aliens, but unfortunatly, I think these are just planes, pure and simple.

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