Silver Disc UFO Was Flying in the Sky of Alabama

A silver disc UFO was reported by a couple driving north along I-65 to the Mutual UFO Network. The couple claimed to have seen the UFO about 50 feet away, 20 feet off the ground.
disc shaped ufo
The witnesses said that the lights were brighter than any other lights. Initially, they thought that the lights were coming from a tower. They were supposed to turn left but decided to go right because of their curiosity of the bright lights.
Their curiosity paid off when they saw this craft at the very close range. They said that it was a silver disc with white lights on both sides and a flashing red light on the middle front. This disc-shaped UFO tilted toward them and they felt it was watching them.
Moments later, a two story building blocked their view of the UFO and when the driver whipped the car around, the object was gone. The couple reported that four other people saw the object but did not follow it.
No image or video was included with the MUFON report.
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  1. Having seen a UFO in 1973 before video cameras were on everyone's phone, it's hard for me to say it was unreal. I now live in north Alabama and my eyes are always on the sky. You had a remarkable experience!

  2. I just seen 3 UFO’s with my dad 100% like that. two was moving up and down and the other 1 was just sitting there and then it just disappeared and then the other two started to go around each other and then them two disappeared fast

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