UFO Sightings on the Moon Reported by People From Different Decades

There have been many reported claims about unidentified flying objects caught on cam or video in the sky above Earth. Recently, there is an increasing used of NASA camera feeds at the International Space Station (ISS).

Moreover, there is an increasing number of individuals who are claiming to have used their telescopes and cameras to observe UFOs around the moon, according to the International Business Times.

unidentified flying objectsMany of the strange things observed by people have been posted to YouTube. These videos allow the witnesses to ask opinions from the online community on their strange encounters. Also, the online community get a chance to examine the anomalies whether they are hoaxes, extraterrestrial in origin, or just a normal phenomenon.

However, most videos posted on YouTube showing alleged UFOs or aliens are lack of specific, helpful information to come with visual evidences. So, it is very difficult to identify what are real and what are created by talented people using software app.

Lunar anomalies are not new and there have been reports about them as early as 1700s by astronomers. These include mysterious bright lights or glowing spots on the moon. In 1869, there was a study conducted by Great Britain’s Royal Astronomical Society about the unusual movements of lights.

On July 29, 1953 science editor of New York Herald Tribune, John J. O’Neill, claimed to have noticed a large bridge-like object through his telescope. The object was allegedly spanning 12 miles in the certain part of the moon known as Mare Crisium. O’Neill’s sighting was confirmed by other observers, including Hugh Percy Wilkins of the British Astronomical Association. The sighting became known as O’Neill’s Bridge but later confirmed to be nothing than a combination of lights and shadows.

The expeditions to the moon by Apollo flights in late 1960s to 1970s created a buzz when several tabloids reported alleged UFO encounters by the astronauts.

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Recounts Apollo 11 UFO Encounter

Few videos of UFOs on the Moon

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  1. out of all the moon landings of ufos, the one that stops before landing, then zooms down and suddenly at the camera is the most facinating. why isn't that one zoomed in and slowed down? also if we can actually film ufos landing on and taking off from the moon, these ufos must be absolutely gigantic! like bigger than some of our countries.

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