Single UFO Event Was Reported by Separate Witnesses

Paranormal enthusiasts in Gold Coast were very thrilled of two separate reports of a single UFO sighting.

The unidentified object was observed on November 22 over Mudgeeraba. It was described as a series of red lights by a man along with his neighbors. According to the witness, the lights passed across the sky for over 20 minutes before disappearing.

Another report of the same UFO was made by a woman from Mudgeeraba to UFO Research Queensland. The woman claimed to have seen the object performed a series of manoeuvers.

According to Sheryl Gottschall of UFO Research Queensland, the sightings were vital in the search of alien life. She said that the latest sightings of a single unidentified flying object are special because they are reported by two different witnesses.

Gottschall stated that it is important for the witnesses to feel they are not alone for them not to start thinking that they are going crazy because of confusion why they have witnessed something that others don’t.

Seeing a UFO is considered as close encounter of the first kind, physical evidence raises the encounter to the second kind, and UFO contact is considered as encounter of the third kind.

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