TV report about the recent UFO sighting above Amherst, Massachusetts 8-Jan-2013

On 8th January, 2013, many people in Amherst, Massachusetts witnessed a diamond-shaped craft hovering 75-100 above the ground.
Here’s a TV report about this UFO sighting:

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  1. Why do reporters only interview non-witnesses and ask for their opinion, when they have the opportunity to speak with eye-witnesses who actually saw the object? What a waste of airtime and a real chance to get to the truth. If a shooting occurred they wouldn't interview someone who wasn't there at the time of the incident and ask their opinion if the shooting happened would they?

    • Yes. I agree, but atleast storys are starting to get on the local news. Five years ago rarely did you see any coverage at all. I also appreciate the fact that these reporters did't laugh or make stupid alien comments. It's happening slowly but surely.

  2. sure it was a ufo we all know that but the power-that-bee just look the other way and us sheeplees just vote for them again and again. I will tell you all one thing that is for sure true that reporter is a beatuful girl and do not give us a de-bunk on that. B.Davidson

  3. Hey, at least UFO reports make it on the actual TV news now. Two years ago, they wouldn't dare mention a UFO on TV at all. Leading to bigger things?

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