VIDEO: Triangle UFO filmed over Warren, Michigan 10-Jan-2012

triangle UFO
We just posted this interesting TV report about the recent UFO activity in the sky above Detroit in Michigan. 
And now I received this amazing UFO video of a triangle-shaped craft hovering in the sky above Warren in Michigan on the same day – 10th January 2013.

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  1. Geez,I wish that these beings would just initiate contact with us!I realise that "WE" are not the top rung in the food chain,but certainly humans aren't idiots,either.What is "ET's" problem,are they anti-social or do "they" think humanity can't handle the truth?OR…do "they" know that what we can't understand,we kill?

    • I am afraid so. Humanity has proven itself to be inhumane to ourselves. That's why they won't initiate contact with us. Peace in, peace out.

  2. When I see a craft described as &quot;triangular shaped&quot; I just assume that it&#39;s man-made. Possibly clandestine, and manufactured secretly at White Sands or somewhere, but still man-made. <br />It doesn&#39;t make engineering sense for a race that uses anti-gravity propulsion to have aircrafts that so closely resemble Earth-bound craft. <br />Boomerang-shaped, maybe.

    • We human beings, particularly so called &quot;intellectual group&quot; have become so pragmatic that we don&#39;t believe until we see it or feel it or science proves it. But the truth is our mind and universe is so vast that neither the science nor our intelligent minds will ever be able to prove what is out there (in the universe) and what is inside us. So far we have not known even 0.0001% of

  3. your film is only 55 seconds. it was just starting to get interesting with the lights going off and coming on and the lights moving individually. you couldn&#39;t tape longer than 55 seconds because…?

  4. &quot;triangular &quot;craft were seen in other countries…..especially…&quot;belgium&quot; the 80&#39;s..! were they made in..USA??i doubt it~

  5. My husband had a similar sighting last night (Sunday, Feb 24th)in Auburn Hills, MI. He says he saw a large triangular light formation moving slowly and silently in a southeastern direction along the eastern horizon around 11:15 PM. 4-5 lights around 60-80 feet apart from each other forming a triangle with the point facing northward.

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