VIDEO: UFO hovering above Krsko nuclear power plant in Slovenia 26-Jan-2013

Latest UFO sightings – This interesting video of unidentified flying objects hovering in the night sky over nuclear power plant in Krsko, Slovenia was filmed on Saturday, 26th January 2013.
Witness report: I was at my friends house and we caught these bright UFOs or some kind of lights. They were just hovering at one spot, right above nuclear power plant in Krško (Slovenija – Central Europe), which is the only nuclear plant in ex-Yugoslavia.
This happened this Saturday at around 10 in the evening. Very strange. I hope I’ll stay anonymous.
Author: Goran (source: submitted to



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  1. I don't know if the creator of this video can read my comment, let me know, and check out my videos UFO in Ljubljana-Slovenia 2012…I have 16.of them, UFO is all over you indeed saw UFO, I'm seeing them every day-night, but am too far for making better footage…good job, that finally someone in Slovenia saw UFO

    • M I the only person in Slovenia, that on 26.1.2013, at exactly 10:30 p.m., heard a bang so strong as to blow up a bomb?<br />As if some entered the airspace or gone out of it. <br />

  2. I for one appreciate it when the visitors display the correct pattern of running lights for whatever planet they are visiting, as this craft is obviously doing. It makes the air safer for all of us.

    • Yep, I too find it hard to believe that any alien craft would have multi-colored lights or running lights of any kind….seems like a man made object would have those sort of features.

    • What is with the all the lights on these things? I saw a craft in 1978 which was close enough to see the metallic exterior as well as white lights all around the circumference and a single flashing light on a hump dead center in the middle. I have tried to reconcile this for over 30 years. Why all the lights???

    • ..if so, where is the body of helicopter-it would be visible on the zoomed part of the footage, the creator would be heard the noise as well-so let ask him/her.. was any noise down there, and did the object hovered or was moving?????<br />those are very important issues when you observe the UFOs

    • Sorry Anonymous, that´s a really ufo, isn´t a helicopter, look at the end of the video one light becomes in several lights or objets. Thanks, amazing video.

  3. The objects / lights are stated to have been &#39;stationary&#39; ,yet it is quite obvious, inspite of the camera&#39;s jittery movement, that they are in horizontal flight, typical of an aeroplane /helicopter. So simple to just brace your camera against a fixed object, that light post – at least you would be under the glare of it&#39;s light. Very incompetent !

  4. I believe that one day we will finally know the truth of UFO form our governments.. Hopefully we can have poverty eliminated by then.

    • You are making a huge bet on pie in the sky interstellar benevolence. Be very careful what you wish for. Maybe they will eliminate us, and poverty will take care of itself.

    • I am rooting for those interstellar beings to come and fix this world, we have been losing a lot of hope lately and its not getting any better.

  5. as a hindu monk it is true there are bad ufos and good they come from higher and lower planetary systems so we must be carefull when they will contact us in the near future,as i said many times we know they are real just at the old books the hindu have.

    • You are making your self sound foolish , Be who you are . We are Allhere for diffrent purpose&#39;s in this incarnation . These HEB&#39;S … Highly Evolved Beings are letting us know they are real . They will not let us destroy our selves . We have Awakened to a point of Awareness so as to grow more into to our True Spiritual selves . Namast&#39;e my Brother .

  6. Q: What are one of the main purposes of nuclear power plants?<br /><br />A: To Freshen up nuclear triggers.<br /><br />Q: Why would a fresh trigger be needed?<br /><br />A: To detonate a thermonuclear blast a fresh trigger would be needed.<br /><br />

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