Large UFO in Triangular Shape Spotted Over Pennsylvania’s Carbon County

An unidentified flying object was reported flying roughly 30 feet over threes at Lehighton in Carbon County, Pennsylvania on January 9, 2013.

The reporting witness was burning garbage outside the house about 6:30 in the evening when a very large object in triangular shape suddenly appeared. The UFO was flying roughly 100 feet above the witness’ head.

The witness stated that the unidentified flying object appeared to have three bright white lights that lit up the tree tops. In addition, the object was slowing moving toward southern for two minutes without a single sound before it drifted away behind many trees which prevented the sight of witness.

UFO activity was reported to Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) but neither videos nor images were submitted. Pennsylvania is one of the states in the United States of America that has been reported with extraterrestrial activities, most especially about UFO sightings. The report was filed in MUFON on January 17. The borough of Lehighton has a population of approximately 5,500.

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  1. Burning garbage? Is not this wrong? No wonder he had this mother ship in top of him, they cannot believe what this earthlings do.

  2. That was the approach path of a small airport. Notice all the airplanes and helicopters in the area. Also, when on approach, small jets and planes have their wing lights on and are extremely bright. Looking into the oncoming path of one of these is what this person is doing.

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