Flying saucer hovering over Madrid, Spain – February 2013

flying saucerUFO sightings – New interesting video of a metallic disc-shaped object hovering in the sky over a construction site in Madrid, Spain. This was recorded this month (in February 2013).

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  1. this was years ago and in south america i forget where but its definately the footage i watched years ago shot in south america. i speak the truth on this!

  2. is this man filming standing on or sitting in some kind of moving vehicle? the "ufo" is THAT close and he simply cannot stop moving and film it properly? and why are they so quiet? i would be flipping out to get something that close. hmm i just don't know. and it's way too short.

    • hi janet i ll write u more once my leg be ok, i can tell the video is old, plus isnt madrid cos i lived there 2 yrs, and speak spanish, thats sout american accent, plus really looks as a fake..ciao

  3. Very nice video of a classic saucer with domed top. What makes this video especially nice is that it captures the craft changing orientations. I do not believe this to be fake.

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