Former U.S. Air Force Security Member Recounts Rendelsham UFO Encounter in His Book

From December 26 to 29, 1980, several people sighted unidentified flying objects hovering near the Woodbridge and Bentwaters Military bases in England.

Larry Warren

One of the witnesses was Larry Warren, Security Policeman, Spec-Exp-RQMT-AT. He co-authored the book “Left at East Gate: A First-Hand Account of the Bentwaters Woodbridge UFO Incident” [Amazon link] along with Peter Robbins.

In the book, Warren describes what he considers to be the most unforgettable event that has changed his life and his family’s. He shares how a glowing orb with bright lights stunned him with other military personnel in Randlesham forest.

The first part of the book explores the life of Warren immediately right after the Randlesham incident with highlights of a seemingly cover-up by the UK government attempting to prevent Warren from divulging further details about the ufo encounter. The book also recalls the adventure of Warren in which he attempted to share about the UFO appearance to selected people but was threatened for doing so.

Moreover, the book focuses on the efforts of Warren to disclose what he knows about the UFO incident, his fight with reporters of UFO sightings and hoaxers, as well as his commitment to look for valid proofs about UFO origins.

Warren conducted a lecture at the UFO conference in Washington in June 1987 whose time was mysteriously reduced to 5 minutes from 45 minutes.

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    • That book is a lot of crape, check out the story on the Randlesham incident from the real people that were there -Larry Warren was'nt even there -.

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