VIDEO: Spherical UFO over Norway – February 2013

sphereNew UFO video of a spherical object hovering in the sky above Norway. This was recorded recently in February 2013.
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  1. Is it possible that some life form is using our atmosphere to process some of their materials.<br />Our earth is unique and might be an ideal lab for their purpose. This object looked like a raw material of sorts.<br />PT

    • i&#39;m thinking its the asteroid that passed dangerously close to earth a coupl weeks ago, after the meteor that hit russia. Wasn&#39;t the ensuing asteroid only supposed to be visible from that side of the planet (norway)??<br /><br />not certain, but seems VERY likely … just saying …

    • there is already film of that asteroid you mention. it is very very long gone now. it only took a few seconds to blink in and out of earth&#39;s sight.

  2. ive seen and pair of these hovering over my house no higher than my house it was like they were listening to us when i noticed i screamed out loud What are those and when one friend went to look at them the insides of the pair shipshifted to birds and they shot off over my house without flapping wings no joke this is real these objects were made of living light

  3. I see it every cloudless night. Just zoom in on the brightest spot in the sky (except the moon) But it was a good try

  4. It seems that these beings are not interested in communication with us,but they&#39;re not making a point of hiding their craft.I wonder if North Korea were to launch any type of nuclear weapon,that it may be the catalyst,for intervention on behalf of humans.While I would not want to witness any such possible catastrophe,I can&#39;t help but wonder,could intervention,on behalf of our planet be

  5. Hello!

    This is a still photo from a video that was recorded by me in February 2012. The object is one of four large star-like spaceships now residing in our earth’s atmosphere. More info:

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