Former US Army Officer Builds UFO Investigations Team in Annapolis

A 41-year-old former U.S. Army counterintelligence officer created an investigations team in Annapolis, Maryland to look for evidence about unidentified flying objects and aliens.

UFO investigation

Antonio Paris, who also used to work as special agent for the Department of Defense, calls his team the Aerial Phenomena Investigations Team, which he started in December 2011. Paris claims that hoaxers have been hijacking Ufology and believes that he and his team of educated skeptics will be able to discover the truth about UFOs, if there is.

The team investigates and responds to UFO sightings reported via telephone or on their website. In 105 UFO sighting cases they have investigated, they were able to identify 88 percent as satellites, weather balloons, helicopters and airplanes which are mistakenly seen by reported witnesses as ufos.

The Aerial Phenomena Investigations Team includes a USAF veteran, a Community College of the District of Columbia academic affairs dean and an engineer who graduated from Johns Hopkins University.

These skeptics coordinate with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and with the local law enforcement in determining what reporting witnesses actually saw.

Paris aims to increase the number of his team members (12) and expand their operation on UFO investigations on the East Coast. In addition, he has presented at several UFO conferences and was able to make a documentary on Area 51.

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  1. He's nothing but a debunker and tells the witness he or she saw anything but something not of this planet !!!!!

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