Most remarkable UFO sightings in January 2013

Most remarkable UFO sightings in January 2013 by

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early January 2013; triangle UFO – Elsinore in California

early January 2013; fastwalker – Melbourne, Australia

4th January 2013; daytime UFO – Johannesburg, South Africa

early January 2013; unknown lights in the sky – Bucharest, Romania

5th January 2013; triangle formation – Medan, Indonesia

8th January 2013; triangle formation – Miami, Florida

10th January 2013; triangle UFO – Warren, Michigan

14th January 2013; unknown lights or orbs – Phoenix, Arizona

16th January 2013; V-shaped formation – Berlin, Germany

17th January 2013; UFO activity – Fairfax, Virginia

25th January 2013; huge UFO or orb – New Zealand

26th January 2013; unidentified flying object – Krsko nuclear plant, Slovenia

27th January 2013; UFO chasing a plane – United States

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