UFO activity over Milano, Texas 20-Dec-2012

UFO sightings – This video of a bright unidentified flying object was recorded over Milano, Texas on 20th December 2012.

Witness report: Octagon shaped bright grayish ship in sky, near Cameron Texas on highway 36. Blinking. Fast. Scary

I must preface, Im somewhat nervous to have to explain something of this nature. Never in a million years would I have thought it remotely possible in reality….

Last night my son and I were driving on hwy 36 around 11:30 on our way to my mothers house in Coppers Cove TX. In the distance we noticed a very bright flashing light. My first thought was that it could be a plane, helcopter or a signal tower with unuasually bright lights.

We continued to watch it when suddenly it was RIGHT ON ABOVE of our SUV! There are few words that will effectively relay to anyone that wasnt there just how large and utterly surreal looking this thing was. It was shaped like an octogan with flashing lights on all sides. It looked like a building floating in the sky. It had debth/structure to it thats hard to put into context.

I was in shocked and as a mother I became fearful this thing could be a potential threat considering how close it was.

So I stepped on the gas to get a! way from it. I was driving way over the speed limit and not looking back when it occured to us to take a picture or video. My son was in the back filming what was left of it at that point. Both my son and I were just floored by what was happening.

Im extremely dissappointed we didnt think soon and capture the object in solid form. When we first saw the object it was about 400 meters above us, close enough for us to realize its enormous size, hexagonal shape, and its grey/concrete color.

By the time my son had pulled out a camera and moved to the back of the vechile to film, it appeared to have distanced itself subtaintally from us, at least a few miles away.

Author (source: mufon)
Note: Watch in full screen!

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  1. sounds a bit fishy to me, yet again we have poor evidence so this can just be put down to another question mark of real or not! most probably not considering no evidence.<br />im beginning to wonder if one day we will ever see a credible story with evidence to back it up!<br />sorry guys but this is complete bull <br />

  2. holy shit that was terrible! exactly what are you trying to show us?? certainly not a ufo! your story is just fine if that&#39;s what you claim to have seen but unfortunately, weren&#39;t able to capture on your cam. too bad cause your story sounds great.

    • i wish all videos with people talking and swearing in them would be zapped by aliens ! maybe people are so amazed by what they&#39;re seeing that they can&#39;t help but react with swearing, but it should be edited out after. i was only swearing cause i was imitating the guy in the video, i didn&#39;t like it either.

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