Unidentified flying object filmed over California – February 2013

unidentified flying object

Latest UFO sightings – This strange unknown object or some kind of orb was recorded in the sky above California in early February 2013.

Witness report: Are aliens real? A UFO was sighted over a California beach. If you look real close you can see what looks like a commercial airlines crossing in front of the moon. The UFO passes in front of the moon two times. The person recording never thought they were filming a UFO. They were just filming the nice full moon rising over the beach while planes seem to pass in front of the moon. It was only after watching the full tape that they realized a possible UFO, was included in the recording. This video features the moon and not the sun. It was shot after the sun went down. Thanks for watching & sharing!

Author (looknowtv @ youtube)

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  1. Sorry.. but if I or anyone caught/witnessed an object move like that, that quick and impossible by human physics, there would be a definate VOCAL REACTION. Not even a gasp from the cameraman? No one around him had no reaction either? Once again my hopes of an awesome catch are ruined by this pathetic attempt at fooling me.

    • no one around him had a reaction, and the camera man didn't have a reaction, because it says he did not see it till he watched his film AFTERWARDS. you must read the statement accompanying the footage first.

  2. it says the person recording never saw the ufo, just that they were recording a moonrise. but is it a coincidence that as the ufo makes the appearance and then disappears, they zoom out? despite that, it looks very interesting!

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