Compilation of “night vision” UFOs over United States

UFOsLatest UFO videos – Interesting compilation of a possible UFO sightings over United States. All clips in the video below were recorded by Youtube user nosfera2bled with Yukon Night Ranger between 20th February and 7th March 2013.

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  1. now this is interesting, the two headlights sure look good here but the others did not the other day. thin they are real but some of these may be life forms.

    • people need to know what the ISS and satellites look like in the night sky, cause that's what these are! the double light looks like it could be a ufo but more likely a plane with landing lights on. and if these were alien ships, don't point lasers at them cause you will piss them right the hell off!!

  2. UFO yes, alien No. Most of these are drones and or satellites. Someone please explain why aliens, who are trying to hide, would allow illumination and visibilityin any spectral wavelength? Seems if they have interstellar travel capabilities, or inter dimensional travel they most certainly have complete ability to be invisible to any if our primitive technology?

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