UFOs or orbs flying over Melbourne, Australia 4-Mar-2013


UFO videos 2013 – New footage of an unidentified flying objects or orbs flying across the sky above Melbourne in Australia. This was recorded during daytime with infrared filter on Monday, 4th March 2013.

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  1. that is astonishing! that ufo that stops three times is just bloody incredible.your camera set up is really getting alot of great stuff! i wish i could go to where you live just to see these happenings. keep filming and keep posting!

  2. whats up with all the melbourne, videos. they just sit and look up all day. drones are flying everwhere now days

  3. Hi nice catch, yes deff orbs, but poss other ufo types included too,at least you can see yours clearly,mine hide in the glare of the sun,and I have to slow my clips down frame by frame to find them,as they just seem flicks of light otherwise…leetaxi @ youtube

  4. people that voted these fake really need to get out a bit more…these are everywhere why cant they say what they are?

    • Amen to that brother! What I also find more than interesting is these idiots who say it's birds, balloons and insects, fail miserably in identifying the rest of the objects in the video. For instance, there are many more objects in this video that NO ONE mentions. But I've made a list of the others that are flying way too fast to be anything birds, planes, insects balloons or whatever

  5. Bugs…insects and birds….aka white spots moving around as seen here. i get out a bit n i can tell the difference between shit n clay.

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