Unknown lights filmed over Gothenburg, Sweden 3-Mar-2013

unknown lightsLatest UFO sightings – These footage of unknown lights in the night sky above Delsjön in Delsjöområdet nature reserve, Sweden were recorded on Sunday, 3rd March 2013.

Witness report: This UFO was sighted around 19.30 pm in Delsjön, the craft appeared shortly after we had entered the woods, we were standing on a road where a lot of cars passes through the woods therefore i stopped recording on many occasions since the cars could have run us over if we did not look carefully at our surroundings, besides i did not want people to recognize us in case someone from the nearby police-stations would have a clue about who we are (they most likely already know though). Regardless we just did not want to cause any unwanted attention so i kept on taking the camera down during the recording when a person or car appeared, this is why you hear me say “fucking car” at one moment in the video.

The crafts moved from right to left and then to right again shortly before leaving the nature reserve, many blinking crafts which were probably military swarmed the skies after this shining craft showed up. After this event we decided to head to a nearby field and record with nightvision, we actually managed to record a lot of IR UFOs that are invisible to the naked eye, these orbs are everywhere in the skies. They move around and cross-paths and they are not visible to the human eye, it is quite fascinating to observe how much is truly going on in our skies just in front of our very eyes.

Author (UFO-Skywatcher Sävedalen @ youtube)

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  1. Stupid video – that whole thing was only 1 object. None of the lights ever change distance from eachother. It is just a mast or something similar. Shocking shite this is

  2. the lights didn't move from left to right etc. The lights were stationary and the camera is clearly the object that is moving

  3. Well, this is a first, this type of shape, never ever seen such thing in all the hundreds of ufo videos I have witnessed. The second part of the video is something else, it looks like he landed in another planet.

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