Aggressive Firing On An Apparent Large UFO Caught On Video

A new YouTube video showing an apparent proof of the existence of UFO made a stir in the entire UFO community. What makes this video more intriguing than others is that it shows some aggressive firing on an apparent large UFO. This incident happened in Simonstown, a small Naval Based village in False Bay, Cape Town, South Africa on the night of April 6, 2013.

The naval base first said that there was no firing happened when contacted by the media. However, their statements changed saying that the firing was only a navy drill between 8 and 9 in the evening. The action in the video was seemingly shot between 9 and 10 PM on the same night of the scheduled Navy drill.

The change of statement by the naval base poses questions as to why the naval base initially denied any news of firing only to retract it later. According to the analysis by experts, the naval base does not have the capability to conduct such drills. Furthermore, residents said that there were no other recorded drills run during night time on the entire history of the naval base. There were reported sightings over the same area of an orange fireball on the night prior to the firing incident. Are they related?

At first the video seems to show ordinary lights but after it was analysed, one can see aggressive firing in the night sky. Furthermore, it seems that the firing was not from the naval base but from an apparent triangle-shape object shooting at another big UFO. The action can be likened to a box office movie “Star Wars.”

Both objects are believed to have stealth capability because they can’t be seen by only using the naked eye. The objects can only be seen using night vision professional camcorder. According to analytical results, something were firing at something about four miles in length.

The Counter Intelligence Agency of South Africa confirms that they are currently analysing the original video. The agency said that the video is real and not tampered by any means. They said that the one who shot the video is a credible law enforcement personnel. They added that the incident is very alarming considering the possibility that foreign entities could fly in a protected facility without being detected.

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  1. triangular craft was on the ground firing at bright ufo when it fired ufo vanished bizarre but isd this video authentic ufo v ufo or is the triangular craft new military technology or alien also ?

  2. Give me a break. Shooting into the air in South Africa is not uncommon and how is this in any way proof of star wars technology. There was nothing in this video that showed any of that. Complete bullshit…

  3. I am sorry, but…WHAT?<br />the &quot;firing&quot; is upward, consistent with the naval base report of a drill.<br />the 200X /IR seems to be a building lit at night from a distance–why the cut/jump with return to normal–as soon as it becomes apparent as to what it is. <br />again, sorry, but…Bogus!

  4. &quot;And there was war in heaven. Michael and his angels fought the dragon, and the dragon fought and his angels.&quot; (Revelation)

  5. Well honestly i cant tell what the hecks going on…lol.Maybe its allot of people with allot of flashlights looking for a contact someone lost…lol.There ya go,Its all settled now…

  6. There&#39;s no sound and some anomalous lighting, so how can anyone make a clear judgment either way? But if it&#39;s true that their navy first said one thing, that there was no firing, then said another, well…? Didn&#39;t something similar to this happen in the United States, over 60 years ago, when our Army recovered a downed flying disc, broadcast it, and made the headlines, then did an

  7. So why write an article on this and post the supposed video, only to click on it and have it say &quot;private&quot;?<br /><br /> This site is filled with poorly written articles lately. Either edit your own stuff or pay someone to edit for you. You should be able to afford an editor with all these damn ads you&#39;ve got going on. And try posting something that&#39;s newsworthy for a change

  8. First part looked like objects exchanging some sort of light. Not sure it was weapons? Rest of video, was a waste of time ! Not sure what this was !?

  9. W D H is this crap about! &quot;This video is private&quot;? HATE GREEDY ppl! This kind of thing is supposed to be shared W/D hole world! If every one was like you? Whoever D HELL you are? We&#39;d never get anywhere cz o greedy,illiterate ppl like you! IT&#39;S MINE! IT&#39;S MINE! YOU CAN&#39;T WACH IT! Probably worthless anyway! It&#39;s just the thought of ppl like you!

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