Flying saucer caught on tape over Siberia in Russia, 2013

flying saucer

Two schoolgirls from Khakassia, located in south-central Siberia in Russia, managed to take incredible shots of a flying saucer. Eyewitnesses have no doubt that they had seen a UFO. The objects shape was a classic saucer shaped craft, and left onlookers stunned and amazed.

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  1. i think only one or two percent of the people who come to lufos will understand this. we see one still picture of a disk, that's it. it looks legit, but too bad we can't understand the story behind it.

    • Hi Janet, i ve something interesting for u..a couple friends hav relatives no far from there, as 50 km, they saw two objects too, actually several people saw something for days in Abasa, and not just one time..girl and family r fine people, also he told me that the journalist had been told yes it has been photoshopped, but just to give the object more visibility, I as a photographer, well, looks

  2. could be genuine or a cgi too false looking too look like the usual shiny designer ufo crafts always sighted resembles an old rusty tin hub cap jaded ?

    • I've read your comments a number of times here. Are you published, do you lecture? Perhaps you should make some effort to educate all of us. Besides making comments on some crackpot UFO site.

  3. I can see that the immage si manipolated with photoshop or similar software when the source is zoomed(the area around the source is of different color respect to the rest of the sky).<br /><br />

  4. actually, I think it looks more like the plasma/donut UFOs that have been sighted previously. this would give off an aura, I expect and that is why it looks possibly CGI. to me looks more legit than the S Africa video. JMHO

  5. Amen on the not Understanding the story….lol.I think i will invest in that learn a Language in 7 days and then come back to this story…lol

  6. Looks similar to some round shaped discs I&#39;ve photographed and videotaped around here, even with a slightly rough texture, like a pockmarked frisbee, chewed up by my dog.

  7. The. Sky was a different color due to a malfunctioning cloaking device that was in operation when they dropped out of hyperspace. A big no-no , don&#39;t you know anything ?

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