Strange UFO activity over Northern Ireland – 2011

unknown lightOlder video of a huge bright orb flying in the sky above Northern Ireland. This was recorded on 20th February 2011.

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  1. Wow!….what a beautiful Angelic Being of light/love….we are honoured to have them visit us, at this time…look more to the skies, and look within your heart…the answer is their….<br />LOVE &amp; LIGHT TO YOU ALL…

  2. absolutely amazing !! why have I not seen this before????<br />I have tried to rule out all other possiblities of what this is and just cannot explain it.<br />the time and the way it lights up the houses seems exactly what my wife experienced a few years ago. She woke up in the night for no reason and suddenly bright lights were dancing through the windows for a couple seconds and then went

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