VIDEO: Fast UFO making maneuvers over Vancouver, Canada – 2012

Interesting footage of a very fast object making strange maneuvers in the night sky above Vancouver, a coastal seaport city on the mainland of British Columbia, Canada. This was recorded in July 2012.

Witness report: Captured over Vancouver directly straight up in the night sky and shoots off like a meteor towards the end. Absolutely amazing video..finally the truth, now all bird believers explain this!!!??
Author (Charles Lamour @ youtube)

Note: Watch in full screen!

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  1. if you freez video at the 22 mark it forms a ring. otherwise i would say it is a bird. but the ring is clearly seen prior to and a little after the 22 mark<br />i dont know what bird could cause that shape.

  2. Amazing photography. I can hardly photograph the moon without it wobbling, let alone something going that fast. Was this a professional photographer?

  3. first of all, one can&#39;t see birds at night, even white birds because the darkness of the land hides them, and anyways birds sleep at night. that was most definitely ufo-ish! it was weird when it became a circle!

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