Daytime triangle seen and recorded over Rome, Italy 26-May-2013

UFO sightings – New interesting daytime footage of a triangle-shaped craft hovering in the sky above Rome in Italy. This was recorded on Sunday, 26th May 2013.

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  1. Why is our Gov.Hidding shit when thousands see it?Allover the world.The US.GOV must think we are all dumb.My feeling are if they wanted to harm us it would have happend years ago.There looking how we progress.Guess what we are not doing so well.Not only wars,But the crap HARPP/And TTA.Sonic undulation,And Chem trails.We are F.U. our own earth.They see it.Beings millions of years a head of us.Dont

  2. Tell me why on all ufo reports you only see lites and orbs.Your seeing aircraft.White red &sometimes green lites.Landing gear down a very bright white lites.The wing has a strobe.Weather condishions make the lites change color.Sorry i was a radiomen USN.Looked for things in the sky that wasnt ours.99.8% of what you see belongs to the USAF.or USN.The other is what some jerk sent into the sky

  3. To respond to Anonymous who doesn't believe and thinks he knows all, is really a moron. Your creaters and Other life in the solar system and beyond have been visiting sense the dawn of time..Yes your right, 98% of it is our aircraft and the military but, the other 2% belongs to them. Check out The Book That Which Tells The Truth..Buy Rael..Google it if you know how..Or how about Steven Greer.

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