The best UFO videos in May 2013 so far

Compilation of the some of the best UFO videos recorded in May 2013 all around the globe. More to come…

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  1. First object was beautifully distinct footage of a balloon. The rest were mostly regular aircraft.<br />The last piece of footage of the 3 red lights in a triangle formation was a different story, very interesting.

    • Mister, before you make any stupid comments you should do your research a little bit better.<br />That first UFO was seen by many people and it was hanging STEADY in the air FOR OVER 4 HOURS.<br />All these UFOs are as real as it gets.<br />exept the last one, i have my doubts about that one.<br />one video, one channel …<br />smells suspicious.<br />All the rest of the videos are real, that&#

    • &quot;Do your research a little better&quot;..I&#39;ve been looking at UFO evidence for many years and I know a balloon when I see it. Same goes for &#39;planes and helicopters.<br />Weather balloons can hover stationary for many hours, and yes I have observed some firsthand.<br />As for the claim these vids are being blocked by youtube because they are &quot;real&quot;, I take it you are saying

  2. LUFOS: tell me why you put in the very obvious jet films. i hope you did that to show us that not all lights turn out to be ufos. i&#39;m also disappointed you did not put in the fantastic 13 minute-long russian ufo video, or at least a piece of it. the one at the end of this compilation is a really good one!

    • You bring up a very good point. <br /><br />How about some more education about human aircraft that can be made to look like UFOs with crappy little camera phones?<br /><br />

    • ever heard about fake planes?<br />Check out channels such as:<br />EastTexasUFOs<br />SeeingUFOsPA<br />777thefreedomfighter<br />theJSB007<br />whotookmymojo<br />Jessica K<br /><br />If you wanna know more about fake planes i recommend<br />&quot;BEST UFO FOOTAGE OF JESSICA K – ENHANCED&quot;<br />On the youtube channel &quot;UFOsightings2013&quot;<br /><br />That&#39;s a video with really

  3. Excellent! MOP so many people post stupid comments about the UFO sittings when they have no idea! If those that make the comments and I do have to admit a few over the past year or so have been very stupid. You need to see the real thing like I have about 2 years ago and you will know for sure after seeing them most of what have been seen on UFO sightings are for real. It takes only 1

  4. Well it really does not matter what anyone thinks…We are outnumbered outthere lol. And with the major activities going on around the sun with objects bigger than our planet and some much even bigger why sweat the small stuff….

  5. Some of this stuff and the desperate believers who swallow all of it on blind faith are amazing. Yes, some of it may well be true, but the D.O.D. has a high priority active program going to develop, test and deploy the ability to project 3D holographic images of pretty much ANYTHING they want to as solid appearing objects on the ground, on the ocean or in the sky. Why? to confound and confuse

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