Daytime video of cigar-sphaped UFO over Russia – April 2013

cigar shaped ufo
UFO videos 2013 – This daytime footage of a cylindrical-shaped unidentified flying object was allegedly recorded in the sky abover Russia last month.

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  1. The way it's floating around and turning on end, it seems to be behaving like a balloon or floating structure.

    • Yes, it does kinda float doesn't it? Very interesting though. If it's a balloon or something, I have never seen anything like it before.

  2. a balloon? shaped like that? and why is the film so shaky and out of focus if it's that close by? That's truly an unidentified flying object, and i don't mean alien!!

  3. I saw this exact same object fly about 150 feet under a airliner I was in 2008! Awfully pleased that someone was able to film it. I only had a glimpse of it as it passed from left to right under the plane. I believe we were over Utah at the time. <br />

  4. My parents see the same shaped object back in the 60&#39;s in London, late one night, it was glowing orange and red, and seemed to be decsending into a local park area. They watched it for about 10mins along with some neighbour&#39;s, so it was witnessed by many.It rose back up, and shot off at lighting speed.

  5. Cigar shaped objects like this have been reported many times. It is also pretty much exactly what George Adamski describes in his encounters if he can be believed.

  6. Well.I think it was well worth Videoing.One reason why is its something that you don&#39;t see everyday.Yes it also looks to be floating along.Maybe there air brakes are not working,or they have lost there anchor somewhere along the way..If that&#39;s the case about the Anchor,be looking in the news to maybe see a giant anchor falls and lands in someones living room…lol.No one was injured thank

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