Huge unidentified flying object in the sky above Uruguay 27-Apr-2013

UFOLatest UFO sightings – This bright object was slowly flying across the night sky above Rocha, the capital city of the Rocha Department in Uruguay. Recorded on Saturday, 27th April 2013.

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  1. Looks like a meteor to me, the first part of the video where it looks very big appears to be coming straight at the viewer, that's why you don't see a tail, but the last shot the tail is visible.

  2. alot of people, but not all of us, will understand this video. all we see is a slow motion, poorly filmed white object moving with a tail. because it's at slow speed, it looks like a doesn't look like a ufo.

  3. that tail you are seeing is the quality of the camera while the object moves. if it was moving any faster, it would show a longer tail. so technically what you&#39;re seeing is a phantom tail. not there, just looks like it.<br />on a footnote, looks like the ufo image that was misdiagnosed as a farm vehicle light. think not.

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