Nearly A Thousand Police Officers Reported Over 400 Personal UFO Sightings

 A hearing of six former Congress members in the U.S. found that many policemen in Britain have been involved personally in at least 430 UFO sightings, including an incident involving a UFO that was three times the size of a football field.
Gary Haseltine, who is a police officer in the U.K. and the creator of a police database PRUFOS, has been catering to the testimonies from serving and retired police officers regarding their UFO-related experiences.

Haseltine told the six member committee that since he started the database 11 years ago he now has 430 reported UFO sightings involving more than 900 police officers. He said that approximately 70 percent of reported UFO sightings in his database involve multiple witnesses wherein in one case, 24 officers witnessed the same one object.
Haseltine revealed that many police reported large objects wherein one time officers described seeing a noiseless black object with the same size of around three football fields in March 1984.
In another UFO sighting, three policemen saw a mysterious large object with similar size of a football field that was accompanied by smaller ones. The ships including the mothership all disappeared after the latter sent a beam to the ground, according to Heseltine.

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    • Ya, no pictures or videos I think most policemen carry something even a car cam-makes you think drugs or something could be involved- just saying!-you would hope they speak the truth and are good witness but after all they are just people like the rest of us.

  1. Policemen are considered a "professional witness" and they speak the truth. Best listen to them. How large were those ships? What do you think they are carrying? The have armies on them. How many soldiers can you get on a ship 3 times the size of a football field? 10 or more thousand plus, now just imagine there are 50 of those ships. The best soldiers in the universe. We are dead meat

  2. If you look at historic incidences of this phenomena, whatever you choose to think it is, you would have to conclude that in general, it means us no harm.

  3. Reply to Anonymous:<br /><br />RE: &quot;The best soldiers in the universe. We are dead meat if that is what they want.&quot;<br /><br />Precisely put! The best argument I&#39;ve read that virtually proves we have nothing of that nature to fear from aliens. They aren&#39;t going to attack us in any obvious way that we could comprehend, if they&#39;re planning to attack us at all, which I

  4. well put. But we are able to artificially create life now, so making sure we had females would be an easy task. Also, DNA testing would spot things like that. If I was going to get rid of the population it would be easy. Infect food products like wheat grain and cause disease and other life threatening things…Oh wait, that&#39;s already happening.<br />Wheat originally had 16 chromazons but 20

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