Similar Giant UFO Witnessed By Two People Who Are More Than A Thousand Miles Apart

According to the testimony from the MUFON witness reporting database, there were apparent two witnesses that described identical UFO even though they were two hours and two time zones apart on the 27th of April 2013.

A witness from Tennessee said that approximately 9:59 PM ET, he saw a huge triangle-shaped object hovering over power lines while he was driving west along Highway 70, close to Pleasant Hill. His report was filed in MUFON Case 47032.

He said that the triangular-shaped object had a huge lit circle in its middle. The light was illuminated with white colour and was several feet across. While the object was triangular, it had curves. It had a dark grey colour from the view of the witness. He thought that he had seen a UFO hovering over the power lines.

Since the object was passing under the witness, he could only see underneath. He slowed down his vehicle to continue watching the mysterious UFO. He then saw four beams of light that pulsed approximately four times on and off while they went from one side to the other of the UFO.

He tried to see the object through his rear view mirror but it was gone. He did not heard any sound from the mysterious flying object even though it was just approximately 20 feet above him. He said his sighting lasted for about 10 seconds that started approximately 9:59 PM.

Two hours later, a witness from Colorado in Arapahoe County claimed to have seen a huge, triangle-shaped white object across the sky for approximately two seconds. His report is filed under MUFON Case 46036.

The witness was lying on a back porch when he noticed a huge white triangle object directly above him. He said that the object was moving extremely fast, traveling horizon to horizon in just a matter of two seconds.

He said that the object had round corners with big circle yellowish-white lights and dimly lit. The object was travelling in a straight line and flew over him in just approximately two seconds.

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  1. Thank God! My husband thinks I'm losing it! I saw the same thing in Hiddenite, NC and my husband wouldn't believe me. I have also seen this type of vehicle over Williamston, SC! Thank you for verifying that I actually have seen this!

  2. how are these "Identical" when the descriptions are so different. Only thing similar is the triangular shape.

  3. yep yep, time for them to jump in the game. sightings will increase as problems increase in the good old USA. anybody know who the "professor" is?

  4. How can the object have 'passed under the witness'when he was driving a car? & what is meant by it 'passing from horizon to horizon'?…..very confusing.

  5. The article wasn't what piqued my interest. It is the fact that the vehicles described are exactly what I have seen also. Believe me, I have excellent night vision and do know what I saw. But it wasn't up close. All I can verify is the configuration.

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