Alien Abduction: The Betty and Barney Hill Case

Possibly the most compelling account of alien abduction is the Betty and Barney Hill UFO encounter of 1961. While typical of such close encounters, the abundance of detail in this one is astounding, and the recollections under hypnosis incredible. The fact that both husband and wife Barney and Betty underwent similar experiences, only revealed through hypnosis, and their stories correspond exactly to each other, adds credence to their trauma. This case has it all–being stalked, then taken aboard a UFO craft, being physically examined, having minds controlled during and afterward, missing time periods, the sight of small, human-like creatures, and telepathic communication with the extraterrestrials.

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  1. barney and betty were real and great proof especially the star map. the grays were (and tall whites) working earth and us fast.

  2. Old story but a good one, better then travis walltons, but which is also a good one, makes you think we are not alone and not at the top of the food chain, hope one day we will know for sure it still is kind of like the Big Foot stories which are really hard to believe and not at all true just like all the other fairy tells handed down over the centuries.

  3. Slow week in ufology. One can always tell. You dust of the old stuff. We never seem to hear of Shag Harbour.

  4. I am not sure I understood it quite well… They drew pictures of the vehicule that match so exactly, even the imperfections of the drawings, that they cannot have been drawn independently.<br />So, either I understood it wrong, either these two independent drawings were copied one from the other. Any explanation ?

  5. There are also some other unconsistence in the reported testimony. For instance, a precise description of the arrangement of the ufo&#39;s rooms is drawn: should one imagine that, after scaring the couple with horrible experiences, they drove them through their sweet home to show them how nice it is ?<br />Also, after experiencing these horrible examinations, as she reports, she finally goes

  6. Rather than using this powerful telepathy which they demonstrated with the couple, the aliens – when talking to each other – preferred to vibrate some &quot;membrane&quot; in their mouth, according to Betty …<br />It is striking that the conferencers only retained the positive facts in this case, not worrying to discuss it in a balanced way. They did not forget, however, to advertise for a tour

  7. one of the things that makes this a believable case is that the steriotype for aliens or martians in the 60&#39;s were little green men. In the Betty and Barney Hill case, the extraterestrials were greys. When the hills underwent hypnosis the damage to their clothing was explained, and they both had recalled VERY similar expieriences, and it explains the missing time (2 hrs) reported. This, for

  8. IIRC, Betty was also the first &#39;abductee&#39; to mention abdominal probes with long needles going in at the navel. I mention this because in this morning&#39;s paper I saw that medical science has just started using this method to do certain female surgery involving the reproductive organs. In short, this method did not exist at the time of the abduction as far as human medicine is concerned.

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